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If you’re a patient who has varicose veins and would really like to get them treated, but either you can’t afford to take much time off for recovery, don’t want to wear compression stockings, or you hate needles, there’s a great new treatment that may be perfect for you. It’s called VenaSeal™, and it’s now available at Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center.

Advantages of VenaSeal™

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About the Procedure

The VenaSeal™ procedure is easy to undergo, is safe, and comfortable. In essence, after a small amount of local anesthetic is used, a small catheter is threaded up the problematic vein and, under precise ultrasound guidance, tiny drops of adhesive are administered into the abnormal segment of vein. Pressure is then held on the vein as it seals shut. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. Results are instantaneous, with no downtime required!

What to Expect After VenaSeal™

Results of VenaSeal™ are seen immediately at the end of the procedure. The vein is noted to seal by ultrasound, and the procedure is so effective that you don’t need to wear compression stockings afterwards. A tiny bandage is placed over the puncture site and you are able to walk to your car – in fact, in most instances you will be able to drive yourself home. Afterwards you can resume your normal activities. As with other procedures, such as EVLT, RFA, Clarivein, or Varithena additional treatments (such as Microphlebectomies or Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy) may be needed in the future to clear up residual varicose veins.

Is VenaSeal™
Right for You?

If you’re a patient looking for a treatment that is safe, effective, comfortable, and gets you back on your feet immediately, consider VenaSeal™. For more information on the VenaSeal™ procedure, contact Beach Cities Vein and Laser Center today.

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